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  • About us

    Carpet Pro Cleaning & Restoration

    Carpet Pro is a local company based in Palmerston North. We started in May 2000 and continue with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

    Started primarily as a carpet cleaning and water or flood damage restoration company, we have expanded our range of services over the years responding to demand.

    Carpet Pro is a family owned and operated business. Jesse is our lead technician and he has been with us since 2007.

    We have two vans, with our original distinctive Wools of New Zealand fern leaf design. Each van is fitted with an indepentantly powered carpet cleaning machine. This means that apart from vacuuming, we don't need to rely on your power or hot water. We also offer low moisture/quick dry carpet cleaning with encapsultaion. We source the best cleaning agents from around the globe to not only provide an exceptional service to you, but also to maintain a safe environment for you in your home and ourselves as we work, day in, day out in this wonderful industry.

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    Self Help Stain treatments

    Red wine, tea & coffee

    1. Use absorbent material like paper towels or cotton towels to absorb up as much as possible. Blot, don't rub.
    2. Mix up warm water with a capful of wool/delicate detergent. Using a soft cloth, gently sponge or blot the area. Then blot excess moisture out with soft towels again.
    3. If colour still remains, mix another solution of warm water with a capful of white vinegar. Use another soft cloth, to sponge the area gently. Blot dry again.
    4. Allow to dry. If stain is still visible, Contact us or make a booking for our technicians to come and treat the carpet safely.

    Tar Spots, cosmetics, oil & grease

    1. Use a soft cloth, dampened with clear metholated spirits or white spirits to gently dissovle the tar. Do not wet out the carpet with the solvent as it will cause damage that may be irreversible.
    2. Allow to dry and call us if the tar is not completely gone. This treatment should only be done in a well ventilated property and keep pets and children clear of the area. Latex gloves are advisable and a breathing mask may be necessary.

    If at any stage of treating stains you need help or assurance, pleace call our office and we'll endevour to assist you in further advice or with a site visit to safely remove the stain for you. Please take care with safety for you, any children or pets around you and your carpet. If in doubt, DON'T! Call us instead, we're trained to safely treat stains.

    Client Feedback

    We strive to please and this is a sample of the feedback we get from our clients.

    “I was not home when the technician came, I left a key and trust them being in my home alone. They always do a great job.” Michele Bish.

    “We were very pleased with the outcome, we had used other company’s before, you have been the best.” Mr Creswell.

    “A pot plant had leaked and rotted a hole in my carpet a perfect job to repair this that no one can even tell what happened.” Diane Stone.

    “Our technician was very friendly and helpful. We were impressed with the work he did and hope the deodorising continues to work. Coffee a great touch.” W Warren.

    “The technician was very polite and friendly and I felt comfortable with him in our home. Great job!!” Sue – Palmerston North.

    “Job well done – technician was polite and helpful, quick and efficient.” Stewart.

    “I am very happy with the job done;” Vicky – Palmerston North.

    “Superb job on the carpets as well as the leather.” D Kingsberry – Palmerston North.

    “Very good service, job done well.” Pauline.

    “All the marks have gone and the carpet looks brand new again.” Mrs Hunt – Feilding.

    “I was impressed with the technician when he (a) invited me to point out any difficult spots before he started work. (b) at the conclusion invited me to comment on weather spots were cleaned to my satisfaction.” Neville Bird – Palmerston North.

    “We have been most impressed with the courtesy and promptness of Carpet Pro. Our carpets at Uno are difficult, but we are always amazed at how well they are revived after your treatment, Many Thanks” Roma Restaurant – Palmerston North.

    “Thank you for your wonderful & prompt service and for fixing our carpet like magic. “No one can find the repair.” Greg and Marie – Palmerston North.

    “Your service was, as usual, exceptional and prompt.” S. Dicker.

    “Thank you, great job.” S Cruickshank – Palmerston North.

    Contact us for more information on how we can help take care of your carpets and upholstery.

  • services

    Carpet Cleaning

    We offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning using various methods as per job requirements. Our company has the Wools of New Zealand stamp of approval for quality. This is reflected in our training, equipment and overall service to you.

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    Carpet Repairs

    Improve the appearance and life of your carpet by removing these nasties. Cuts, pulled threads, small burns, rotten carpet under pot plants, cat scratches etc. We also perform re tufting of missing threads and spot dyeing of bleach marks.

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    Water Damage Restoratioin

    Wet carpet!!! We’ve all seen it, be it a small area all the way up to the whole house and everything in between. Whatever the situation, we can handle it.
    Trained... Equipped... Experienced...
    Call us now, don't delay!

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    Oriental Rug Washing

    Each oriental rug is an individual piece of history and beauty that can last generations if well cared for. We care for hand knotted, machine made and flokati rugs.
    Rug washing is an art and while we clean carpet squares onsite, we only wash rugs at our facility.

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    Stain Removal & Treatment

    Accidents happen everyday. Stains are best treated as soon as possible. We offer 24 hour assistance in these situations. The faster you can get specialised treatments to a stain, the greater your chances of complete stain removal.

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    Fire Damage Restoration

    Fire cause damage ranging from a minor deposit of soot through to a major loss where extensive reinstatement works are necessary. We have handled all sizes and types over the years, from small domestic fires to large scale commercial losses.

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  • Carpet

    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

    Palmerston North, Feiling and Manawatu District.

    Wools of New Zealand. The name behind the best wool carpets in the world. A very high standard of excellence.

    Wools of New Zealand have set up an Approved WoolCare Technician network of the most highly trained carpet care technicians in New Zealand. They have selected companies that will maintain that service of excellence to the discerning home owner. We are ecstatic that we have been chosen to be a part of this dynamic network. As part of this prestigious network, we are committed to maintain those high standards.

    Residential Carpet Cleaning Wool, being a natural fibre, is very sensitive. We understand this and use a range of detergents and spotters that will help achieve a good end result and at the same time not do any damage to the carpet fibre itself.

    A high quality carpet is a major investment that has the ability to provide you with hygienic, comfortable and attractive floors, year after year – if you treat them properly.

    We also offer a number of topical treatments for your carpet that will aid in making your home healthy, safe and more trouble free. We recommend any of a number of these treatments and our technicians can explain some of the benefits to you so that you can make an informed decision. Carpet protection, allergen control, treatments to aid in the control of dust mites, fire retardant treatments to name a few.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning With our qualifications and experience, we are well equipped to produce the best possible results on wool, nylon, blends and polypropylene as well.

    We utilise a range of cleaning methods in our business. From the traditional Hot Water Extraction or ‘steam cleaning’ through to newer Very Low Moisture, quick dry systems, or a combination of both to achieve the best possible finish on each and every carpet.

    When it comes to commercial business premises, we guarantee your carpet WILL BE DRY in the morning. No damp, smelly carpet. No crying windows. Just clean dry carpets. For a free appraisal, please contact us.

    We can advise you which might be the best proceedure for your situation.

    This Month's Special

    Half Price Lounge Suite Protection.

    Have any upholstery Protected for HALF PRICE while we are onsite cleaning it for you.

    Carpet Protection

    Peace of mind!

    A high quality carpet protector applied correctly will enable you to keep your carpet cleaner and make stain removal more effective! Scotchgard is the name everyone remembers and although it is no longer available in New Zealand there are still good products with great benefits available. We have sourced some of these other products of great performance to offer you the peace of mind that a good quality carpet protection brings.

    In addition to stain protection, we also offer dustmite control, anti static treatments, fire retardant treatments and allergy reducing treatments.

    Our technicians will be able to explain some of the benefits of these treatments for your home.

  • Repairs

    Carpet Repairs

    Palmerston North, Feilding and Manawatu District.

    We offer carpet patching and repair services, most often without uplifting the carpet. The common situations are cuts, pulled threads, small burns, rotten carpet under pot plants, cat scratches and much more. We do re tufting, bonded inserts or a combination of both depending on each situation and what will give the best finish.

    Pull Threads and Cat Scratches. These can often be repaired successfully without compromising the longevity or life of the carpet. Yarn or donor carpet can often be sourced from mats, left over off cuts from the original installation or removed from the back of a cupboard. This type of repair often costs less than teh excess applicable on a claim. Carpet pricing for repairs is often available by sending us a digital photograpgh and answering a few basic questions.

    Carpet Burns, Rips, Tears & Cuts. Small problem areas can be re tufted but for larger areas we often repair the damage by way or a bonded insert, if suitable donor carpet is available. Often there are off cuts or mats. Mats are ideal as they already have some fade and wear similar to the carpet depending on the location of the problem. These type of patches and repairs will work best on newer carpets but even older ones, while not as eye pleasing as a repair on newer carpet, are still the better option when compared to the original concern.

    Bleach Marks. Another option for wool and nylon carpets that have bleach marks on them is for us to spot dye. If it’s only a couple of threads, its often easier to re tuft but for more than that, we can neutralize the bleach and re dye the spot. This is often close to the original colour but may not be 100%. The smaller the spot, the easier it is to get it right.

    When you consider the cost of replacement, the loss of your no claims bonus if you claim insurance, the possibility that only the affected room is replaced and not the entire carpet in other areas etc, these can be very viable options to consider.

    We are able to complete the majority of the patching and repairs that we do without lifting the carpet. However, if it becomes necessary or advantageous to do so, we have all the equipment necessary to uplift, repair, rejoin and reinstall the carpet to a professional finish. We also replace old naplok bars, reattach loose or install new smoothedge to concrete and timber floors, re install after cable installations etc.

    Contact us for an obligation-free inspection and we’ll provide you with an honest report regarding the best solution and possible outcome.

    For specialist carpet repairs, including fault rectification, re tufting, de pilling and complaint resolution, please refer to Middleton Carpet Services

  • Water

    Water & Flood damage Restoration

    Palmerston North, Feilding and Manawatu District.

    Wet carpet!!! We’ve all seen it, be it a small area from a malfunctioning appliance or it could have been the whole house when a pipe burst while the occupants were away and anything in between. Trained... Equipped... Experienced... Whatever the situation, we can handle it.

    We have invested a considerable amount of our business energies into the training and equipment necessary to complete each job correctly the first time.

    Having the advantage of a building trade and 6yrs experience gives us a solid understanding of the building and the materials that are affected and their unique tolerances when it comes to being wet. If the carpet is wet, that often means that the underlay and flooring are also wet and possibly even the walls as well.

    We have a diverse inventory of specialised drying equipment, some of which is unique to us in the Manawatu. If in extreme cases, like the February 2004 Manawatu flood, when our resources are exhausted, we also have available to us a large national pool of drying equipment that we can access usually within 24 hours.
    One of the many benefits of having a diverse range of specialised equipment, is the ability to think outside the square when it comes to different situations. We have numerous types and sizes of air movers, dehumidifiers and also air vent kits for forcing air into wet cavities.

    An example of a large commercial flood we completed was the theatre wing of the Southern Cross Hospital. A mains water line fitting burst overnight and the morning staff found up to 25mm water throughout. We were able to dry the structure totally over the long weekend and have the theatre opened again with minimal obstruction to their schedule. Very little carpet was involved but extensive amounts of solid timber trims and doors. These were totally saved by quick and effective drying procedures.

    We offer a comprehensive 24/7 callout service for water damage restoration. CALL US FIRST!

  • Rugs

    Oriental Rug Care

    Palmerston North, Kapiti Coast and Wellington.

    We clean oriental, persian, hand knotted, machine made and flokati rugs. Each oriental rug is an individual piece of history and beauty that can last generations if well cared for. A special rug requires attention by a specialised rug care company.

    Most oriental rugs should not be cleaned onsite in the same manner as normal carpet and are best cleaned in the controlled environment of a rug care facility.

    Our rug care division is named, We Wash Rugs, we specialise in rug care throughout the lower north island. As such, we care for oriental, persian, hand knotted, machine made and flokati rugs. These can be woven from wool, silk, cotton, jute, synthetic fibres or any combinations of these.

    Each rug is inspected and cleaned according to it's individual characteristics. This starts with a careful inspection and preliminary testing of the rug and we call you to discuss our recommendations.

    The rugs are then thoroughly dusted and vacuumed. Areas of concern are then pre treated. For elimination of moth and beetle infestations, our treatment works without chemicals and will take three weeks.

    When it comes to the actual washing of the rug, there are a number of elements to consider before a cleaning method is chosen. Face yarn and backing fibre types, construction and colour fastness of the individual dyes are a few of the criteria that we look and test for. We utilise a full range of cleaning options in our plant that an onsite cleaner can’t offer.

    After washing, the rug is detailed, groomed and dried. This is followed by another thorough inspection and any post treatments that are recommended or necessary. Finally the rug is vacuumed again and prepared for collection.

    We do not clean rugs on site. You can deliver your rugs to our shop by appointment. For a small fee, we will collect or deliver your rug(s). We can also recommend a rug repairer that works to the highest standard, other services include rug underlays, protective coatings, dust and allergen control, moth and beetle treatments without chemicals, pet spot treatments and deodorisation.

    If you drop your rug off to our shop, we’ll appraise your rugs, conduct preliminary testing and call you with our recommendations at no charge. We aim for a 1 week turn around on your rugs however other factors may influence this. If you have a time frame to work to please let us know when you drop your rug into our shop. Where to find us and how to contact us can be found here. We look forward to caring for your rugs and extending their life, beauty and character.

    For clients outside the Manawatu region, John does regular trips between Palmerston North and Wellington and can collect and or deliver your rugs. If the travel dates are too far apart we can receive or send your rags via courier.

  • Stains

    Stain Removal & Treatments

    Palmerston North, Feilding and Manawatu District.

    Spot and stain treatments can vary according to the many situations that we come across. The one thing that remains constant is the need for action as soon as possible. The faster you can get specialised treatments to a stain, the greater your chances of a complete removal. We offer a complete 24hour emergency response service for this and many other emergency related situations.

    Colour rich fruit and cordial stains on the carpet can sometimes present difficulties if not attended to quickly. The photos to the right show a job that was dry but fresh and we treated and achieved a great result.

    Some stains will require more specialised procedures or products. Sometimes the treatment can leave an obvious ‘clean’ area. We can also provide general carpet cleaning services to blend the clean area throughout the room(s) affected.

    Applying a good quality carpet protector will aid in you being able to remove a greater amount of your spots and spills without the need for calling us out to your home. Next time you have your carpets cleaned, ask about carpet protection or other treatments.

    Not all stains will be able to be removed successfully and in those cases we will be able to advise if a carpet repair of any type is a possible solution to the problem. Most stain treatments are a one off callout but some will require additional treatments. We are usually able to anticipate this and advise you before hand.

  • Fire

    Fire & Soot damage Restoration

    Palmerston North, Feilding and Manawatu District.

    Fire can cause damage ranging anywhere from a small deposit of soot through to a major loss where extensive reinstatement works are necessary. We have handled all sizes and types over the years, from small domestic fires to large commercial fires. These include the Palmerston North Boys High School Speirs centre, George Street buildings and a chemical factory among others.

    In 2003, due to the demand for our services, we set up a dedicated mobile fire damage cleaning unit in a covered trailer custom built for this purpose to service the fire damage restoration market.
    This self contained trailer unit allows us to tow it anywhere and support an impressive sized cleaning crew from it. We have gas hot water on tap which comes in handy on those jobs where the electricity has been turned off for safety reasons. Another benefit of the hot water facility is we’re not draining the building’s hot water cylinder so there’s no hot water for showers etc at the end of the day.

    In our warehouse, we have a full cleaning facility that includes the use of Ultra Sonic Cleaning and commercial washers. We offer competitive storage options for contents during the claim process.

    We are able to clean most surfaces back to either pre loss condition or to a pre decorating finish. We also network with a range of local companies and can easily organise for the testing of electrical items, cleaning and repairs of artwork, dry cleaning of curtains, washing of clothing and soft furnishings etc.

    On the really bad claims that require reinstatement works of any sort, we often go in prior to any trades and clear out the debris from the site and in some cases drop wall and ceiling linings where safe to do so. This enables the assessors and architects to draw up correct specs for the job and it removes a lot of the guesswork for the trades when tendering for the work.

    Although we do have a building trade and 6 yrs experience behind us, we do not undertake any structural demolition or building reinstatement services. However, we work in with a number of different trades and can very easily coordinate minor bits and pieces if necessary.

    One of the main concerns for the cleanup in a fire damaged building is the possibility of a residual odour. We have a wide range of equipment to offer a deodorisation service to meet the specific needs of the building, the clients and the situation.

  • Our People

    Meet our Team

    John Middleton

    Manager/Director. John commecned the business in May 2000 after shifting back from spending 10 years living in Mackay, North Queensland. John completed a building/joinery trade in Australia, and then worked for a few years in the family carpet cleaning business in Mackay where he undertook extensive training coruses and on the job experience. John now primarily manages Carpet Pro while performing the more specialised aspects of the daily operations. He is also a registered carpet inspector with the WoolSafe group.

    Jesse Arnold

    Carpet/Water Damage Technician. Jesse commenced work for Carpet Pro in April 2007 and undertakes the majority of the daily operations. He is proficient at all aspects of carpet and oriental rug cleaning. He has extensive experience in all aspects of water damage restoration.

    Joanne Middleton

    Office Manager/Director Joanne qualified as a nurse in 1998 and did the majority of her nursing both in full time and part time roles in the Palmerston North hospital up until 2007. Joanne also spent approx 6 years as a volunteer with the St John's Ambulance. As a mother of three children who are now all at school, her role within the company has incresed to handle office management and accounting.

    Other staff

    Carpet Pro also employs a number of additional staff on a casual basis during peak work seasons and for large jobs or after hours work/commercial accounts. Each of our staff are selected for their core attitudes and skills that enable us as a company to deliver a consistently high standard across all our jobs.

    Company Policies

      Health & Safety

      From 2008 onwards, as one of the preferred contractors to the Palmerston North City Council, we undertook courses to implement a more formal Health and Safety policy into our company. Arising from this, we have developed our own Health and Safety Manual. This has been further developed to incorporate our procedures so that each staff member only has to reference one single, easy to read manual. As with any document of this calibre, if it’s going to be relevant and up to date, then it must continually evolve.


      Our staff under go a combination of training that begins in the field along side experienced technicians. Some of our technicians have been trained to internationally recognised standards and have been performing this type of work for in excess of 14 years. New technicians also travel to either Auckland or Australia for additional training courses for the theory and principles employed in carpet and upholstery cleaning, among other areas like fire and flood damage restoration, specialist stain treatments, carpet repairs etc.

      Wools of New Zealand

      Wools of New Zealand. The name behind the best wool carpets in the world. A very high standard of excellence. Wools of New Zealand have set up an Approved WoolCare Technician network of the most highly trained carpet care technicians in New Zealand.
      They have selected companies that will maintain that service of excellence to the discerning home owner. We are ecstatic that we have been chosen to be a part of this dynamic network. We are committed to maintain the highest standards in Customer Service and Carpet and Upholstery Care.

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    Carpet Pro Ltd

    163 Clevely Line, RD 8, Palmerston North 4478.
    PO Box 5515, Palmerston North 4441.
    Office: 06 353 0406
    Mobile: 027 540 5056 or 027 440 5054

    Our Location

    Service Area

    Although based in Palmerston North, we also cover a radius out to and including Wanganui, Otaki, Dannevirke and Taihape. Some areas will involve travel costs but contact us and we can advise you of likely costs. Often multiple jobs can be combined into sinlge trips and reduce the travel costs.

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    If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.