Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Standard of Excellence in Carpet Care


The name behind the best wool carpets in the world.
Wools of New Zealand have set up an Approved WoolCare Technician network of the most highly trained carpet care technicians in New Zealand. They have selected companies that will maintain that service of excellence to the discerning home owner. We are ecstatic that we have been chosen to be a part of this dynamic network. As part of this prestigious network, we are committed to maintain those high standards.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Wool, being a natural fibre, is very sensitive. We understand this and use a range of detergents and spotters that will help achieve a good end result and at the same time not do any damage to the carpet fibre itself. A high quality carpet is a major investment that has the ability to provide you with hygienic, comfortable and attractive floors, year after year – if you treat them properly. We also offer a number of topical treatments for your carpet that will aid in making your home healthy, safe and more trouble free. We recommend any of a number of these treatments and our technicians can explain some of the benefits to you so that you can make an informed decision. Carpet protection, allergen control, treatments to aid in the control of dust mites, fire retardant treatments to name a few.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

With our qualifications and experience, we are well equipped to produce the best possible results on wool, nylon, blends and polypropylene as well. We utilise a range of cleaning methods in our business. From the traditional Hot Water Extraction or ‘steam cleaning’ through to newer Very Low Moisture, quick dry systems, or a combination of both to achieve the best possible finish on each and every carpet. When it comes to commercial business premises, we guarantee your carpet WILL BE DRY in the morning. No damp, smelly carpet. No crying windows. Just clean dry carpets.

For a free appraisal, please contact us. We can advise you which might be the best proceedure for your situation.

Stain removal & treatments

Spot and stain treatments can vary according to the many situations that we come across. The one thing that remains constant is the need for action as soon as possible. The faster you can get specialised treatments to a stain, the greater your chances of a complete removal. We offer a complete 24 hour emergency response service for this and many other emergency related situations.

Colour rich fruit and cordial stains on the carpet can sometimes present difficulties if not attended to quickly.

Some stains will require more specialised procedures or products. Sometimes the treatment can leave an obvious ‘clean’ area. We can also provide general carpet cleaning services to blend the clean area throughout the room(s) affected.

Not all stains will be able to be removed successfully and in those cases we will be able to advise if a carpet repair of any type is a possible solution to the problem. Most stain treatments are a one off callout but some will require additional treatments. We are usually able to anticipate this and advise you before hand.

Upholstery Cleaning & Protection

Just like carpets, your fabric upholstery requires regular cleaning to extend its life and maintain its beauty.

We apply a soft detergent first, aggitating the body contact areas to loosen any soiling and oils from the areas then we use a specially desgned cleaning tool running off our carpet cleaning machine to rinse the fabric. The furniture is left damp to touch and depending on the fabric type, dries in a few hours. Seat cushions are cleaned all over and if they are removalbe, the deck of the frame is also cleaned.

Once your furniture is clean again, consider applying fabric protection to extend the life of the fabric even further and make spot cleaning easier for yourself. OFten, many suites come from new with it applied and it's a good idea to top up the protection after 2-3 cleans of 3-5 years to keep it performing at it's optimum.

If you have an accident and spill something on your carpet, we offer a 24/7 callout service. 027 440 5054