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We have invested a considerable amount of our business energies into the training and equipment necessary to complete each job correctly the first time. Dealing effectively with a flooded/wet carpet is often more than 'just drying the carpet'.

Often the subfloor and walls are wet too, so having a solid understanding of the building and the materials that are affected and their unique tolerances when it comes to being wet enables us to provide a comprehensive and timely service to minimise longterm moisture damage to your home. If the carpet is wet, that often means that the underlay and flooring are also wet and possibly even the walls as well. We have a diverse inventory of specialised drying equipment, some of which is unique to us in the Manawatu. If in extreme cases, like the February 2004 Manawatu flood, when our resources are exhausted, we also have available to us a large national pool of drying equipment that we can access usually within 24 hours. One of the many benefits of having a diverse range of specialised equipment, is the ability to think outside the square when it comes to different situations. We have numerous types and sizes of air movers, dehumidifiers and also air vent kits for forcing air into wet cavities. An example of a large commercial flood we completed was the theatre wing of the Southern Cross Hospital. A mains water line fitting burst overnight and the morning staff found up to 25mm water throughout. We were able to dry the structure totally over the long weekend and have the theatre opened again with minimal obstruction to their schedule. Very little carpet was involved but extensive amounts of solid timber trims and doors. These were totally saved by quick and effective drying procedures.